SAN is a network of researchers working with geophysical and remote sensing methods to investigate archaeological sites and paleo-landscapes in the 'North' in a non-destructive and minimally invasive manner. The network was founded during the workshop 'Sensing Archaeology in the North' in Trondheim (Norway) in August 2018. Currently, SAN brings together 13 researchers from 5 countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Scotland).


To promote development and strengthen archaeological research and management in the North using non destructive geophysical and remote sensing methods.

To stimulate interdisciplinary cross-fertilisation, nourish collaboration and build up research capacity between archaeologists, archaeo-geophysicists, remote sensing experts, curators and researchers from any other scientific environments with interests in studying archaeological sites and landscapes in the North.

To arrange SAN-meetings in connection with already established international conferences and/or as independent conferences or workshops.